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Apical Surgery Kit

Ref. F00069


This ultrasonic tips kit is the perfect solutions for the problems most commonly encountered during apical surgery.
Delivered with AS3D, AS6D, AS9D, ASLD, ASRD tips, on an autoclavable metal support.

Ref: F00065

AS3D tip: Working length: 3 mm. 

  • Universal apical surgery tip, first instrument of the sequence, recommended for the treatment of anterior teeth.
  • Caution: this instrument must be used without excessive pressure, at the lowest possible efficient power setting.
Ref: F00079JPEG

AS6D tip: Working length: 6mm. 

Second instrument of the sequence, it is recommended to obtain at least 5mm preparation depth.
• Caution: this instrument must be used without excessive pressure, at the lowest possible efficient power setting.

Ref: F00067

AS9D tip: Working length: 9mm.

  • Complicated cases – allows the preparation of the root canal up to the coronal third. 
  • The diamond coating is applied to the last section only, to avoid overpreparation.
  • Caution: the tip should first be introduced inside the cavity and oriented, prior to being activated, according to the root axis, to avoid the preparation of a “false route”.
Ref: F00080

ASLD tip: Working length: 3mm. 

Left oriented micro-tip, premolars.
• Caution: use the instrument without excessive pressure.

Ref: F00081

ASRD tip: Working length: 3mm.

  • Right oriented micro-tip, premolars. 
  • Caution: use the instrument without excessive pressure.

Clinical applications

This new concept for micro-apical surgery, called 3-6-9, is exclusive to Satelec® and follows the current trend towards minimally-invasive surgical techniques. The kit consists of five instruments all designed to address different anatomical configurations. The five ultrafine tips are covered with a new diamond-coating generation which represents a major innovation and allows optimum use of ultrasound in the trickiest situations.

The canal is prepared faster, without excessive pressure and more precisely thanks to the new instrument design. 


  • Excellent quality of diamond coating allows for enhanced cutting power.
  • New micro-tip design, better adapted to the canal’s shape.
  • Easy and efficient instrument sequence for better micro-surgery.

Together with a new diamond coating that enhances the instruments’ efficacy, these tips not only allow for more precise and better controlled retro endodontic treatment, but also conserve more bone and dental tissues. The root canal is preserved, even though the infection is treated at its origin in the canal system. These instruments are recommended for use by Endodontists or dental professionals trained in the use of operating microscopes.


Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa