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BDR (Biofilm Disruption and Removal) Kit


Delivered with an autoclavable plastic box, TK1-1S, TK1-1L, TK2-1L, TK2-1R tips and four autoclavable green wrenches (Ref. F00937).

Ref: F01001

TK1-1S tip: "Short probe". 

  • Micro-tip recommended for examining shallow to moderate pockets (<4mm) and for the maintenance of simple cases.
Ref: F01004

TK1-1L tip: "Long probe". 

  • Micro-tip for examining and maintenance of moderate to deep pockets (>4mm).

Ref: F02162

TK2-1L tip: "Premolars and molars". 

  • Left-angled micro-tip recommended for maintenance of moderate to deep pockets and ​furcations.
Ref: F02161JPEG

TK2-1R tip: "Premolars and molars". 

  • Complements the TK2-1L tip. Right-angled mini-tip used to treat moderate to deep pockets and furcations.

Clinical applications

The four BDR mini-tips, in the shape of periodontal probes, are ideal for periodontal maintenance by dentists and dental hygienists.

  • Two straight probes for initial examinations and the treatment of simple cases.
  • Two angled (curved) probes (left and right) for full-mouth maintenance in a single session and for the treatment of complex cases.

BDR micro-tips are used at low power (green code) with very low pressure to preserve tactile sensitivity. The biofilm is mechanically disrupted by micro-cavitation.


Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa