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Cruise Control® System

NEWTRON® technology : a breakthrough in ultrasonics

JPEGThe NEWTRON® generators are fitted with the patented NEWTRON® technology, known as the Cruise Control® System, allowing gentle and uniform treatment.

• this technology regulates the frequency and amplitude of the tip vibration
• the power is adjusted in real time depending on the resistance encountered by the tip, 
• the vibrations are both efficient and more comfortable for the patient.

Efficiency is maximal with an optimum management of the handpiece, and treatments are painless.

1. Automatic real-time frequency adjustment (Speed)

  • The Newtron monitors the tip’s weight and dimension and assures it is operating at it’s optimal frequency which has a very wide range 28K -36K (cps). If a tip becomes worn… the unit will recognize its weight and dimensional changes and increase the cps to ensure that efficiency is maintained.

2. Full and continuous control of the tip vibration (Smoothness) 

  • Control of the Push and Pull of the tip. Until now we were limited with the “complete” control of the tip vibration. On pre-existing systems we were able to control the push of the tip and the pull of the tip was a reflex / recoil action. Now, the push and pull of the tip is in constant control of the Newtron- providing the smoothest performance available.

3. Instantaneous adaptation of power (Torque)

  • Electrical current is used to compensate for any resistance the tip encounters when applied to a load (including tenacious calculus and including breaking up cements). When the resistance is no longer present, electrical current is reduced. This is monitored and adjusted 30,000 times per second- providing a consistent tip amplitude that does not deviate whether applied to a load or not. “Cruise- Control”
  • This Newtron technology can control the tip amplitude more precisely than ever before: Newtron Technology: 4 to 200µm (with or without a load)

Piezo Electric History 

Piezo was first developed in 1972 by SATELEC®.

SATELEC® Piezo technology is best known by the brand names Suprasson® or Newtron®, our latest generation.

The speed (frequency adjustment), the smoothness (vibration control), the power adaptation (torque) of the tip connected to the handpiece are driven by a small and high-tech generator as SP NEWTRON shown below.

JPEG - 9.7 kb

The handpiece is detachable and autoclavable. Inside the handpiece is the “transducer”. The transducer consists of ceramic disks stacked next to one another. These ceramic disks have high quartz content and when excited with electricity compresses and decompresses causing a controlled vibration.



When a tip is attached, the result is an ultrasonic vibration in a linear motion (forward and back) on the same plane as the handpiece.

There is very little to no heat generated in the handpiece-requiring a minimal amount of water. Water is only required to cool the tip because the ultrasonic tip vibration causes friction-heat is then generated. The water for cooling the tip flushes removed deposits and is required for the “cavitation effect” to de-bride bio-film.

This technology is very comfortable for the practitioner and patient for several reasons. Since no heat is built up in the handpiece, only a minute amount of water is needed… better visibility for the practitioner and the patient is not getting soaked with excess water and the patient’s gag reflex is negated.

The linear tip motion is also more efficient and more comfortable. When a Magnetostrictive tip vibrates, it bangs on the surface of the tooth to knock calculus off in chunks… where as a Piezo tip vibrates linearly so the tip works along the tooth surface, shaving calculus off in “sheets”.
Since the piezo tip doesn’t leave and then strike the tooth surface, patients overwhelmingly prefer the piezo to a magnetostrictive unit for the simple fact that they barely feel it. Piezo ultrasonics by SATELEC also leaves the root surface smoother than that of magnetostrictive ultrasonics, sonic scalers or hand instrumentation- resulting in a faster reattachment of the gingiva and a quicker healing time. The handpiece is designed to be a little thicker—about the thickness of a cigar, so it may be used all day long and the operator will not experience hand fatigue.

Since piezo generates no heat in the handpiece and the tip vibration is so precise, it was soon discovered that if you changed the shape of the tip… this technology could be used for several other dental applications which has changed the way modern dentistry is performed today. No other company manufactures a more multifunctional ultrasonic than SATELEC.