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Diamond-coated tips


Diamond-coated micro-tips (350 to 400µm diameter, 30µm diamond grit size) which act as periodontal files are used in the second step following ultrasonic debridement. 

Ref: F00366

H1 tip: "Anterior teeth". 

  • Diamond mini-probe recommended for simple cases. Used to treat anterior teeth.

Ref: F00367

H2L tip: "Premolars and molars". 

  • Left-angled diamond micro-probe.
  • Recommended for treating furcations and very narrow spaces.

Ref: F00368

H2R tip: "Premolar and molar area".

  • Right-angled diamond micro-probe.
  • Used for treating furcations and very narrow spaces.

Clinical applications

Diamond-coated micro-tips are designed to remove calculus from very narrow inter-root spaces and furcations and can be oriented vertically or horizontally to instrument the cementum surface down to the bottom of the pocket. They are also recommended for the debridement of periodontal abscesses and for odontoplasty during non-surgical treatment. They are also used during surgical treatment to remove granulation tissue.

Diamond micro-tips are used with very low pressure (approximately 0.3N) and are inserted delicately, without forcing, to avoid over-instrumentation.

Instrument equivalents:

  • H1: Anterior teeth and premolars. Replaces 3–7 perio files.
  • H2L and H2R: Premolars and molars. Replace 5–11 and 9–10 perio files.