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Endo Success™ Retreatment Kit

Ref. F00737


This ultrasonic tips kit is the perfect solution for the problems most commonly encountered during non-surgical endodontic retreatments. Delivered with ET18D, ET20, ET25, ET25S, ETBD, ETPR tips, an autoclavable metal support and an autoclavable universal wrench.

Ref: F88020

ETBD tip: "Endo Treatment, Ball Diamond tip". 

  • This tip is used to locate canals (calcified canals) and explore the floor of the pulp chamber.
  • The diamond ball gives rapid and precise action in situations where the round bur cannot be used or is too invasive. Instrument can be used with irrigation.

Ref: F88017

ET18D tip: "Endo Treatment, diamond-coated". 

  • This tip is for use in the pulp chamber to eliminate dental overhangs, intra chamber calcifications (pulp stones), temporary fillings and some filling materials. 
  • The tip can be used with irrigation.

Ref: F88011

ET20 tip: "Endo Treatment".

  • Instrument used for interventions in the coronal third, to remove root canal fillings, broken instruments or dental debris. 
  • The tip is for use with or without irrigation.

Ref: F88018

ET25 tip: "Endo Treatment". 

  • This micro-tip in Titanium-Niobium has been designed for the most delicate interventions in the medium and apical thirds of the canal.
  • Conicity: 3%.
  • It is ideal for eliminating broken instruments and silver points. It has a spray orifice for irrigation.

Ref: F88021

ET25S tip: “Short”.

  • This Titanium-Niobium micro-tip is especially suited for retreatment in the coronal third and the isthmus.
  • Conicity: 4%.
  • It has a spray orifice for irrigation.

Ref: F88022

ET25L tip: "Long".

  • Micro-tip in Titanium-Niobium recommended for retreatment in the apical third of long and straight canals.
  • Conicity: 3%.
  • Can be used with or without spray.

Ref: F88019

The ETPR: "Endo Treatment, Post Removal".

  • Tip for loosening root canal retention pins.
  • It is used to extract prosthetics with the integrated irrigation, at maximum power and in contact with the element to be loosened.

Clinical applications

The EndoSuccess kit of ultrasonic tips features a novel type of Titanium-Niobium (Ti-Nb) instruments, the ET25 tips, specially adapted to endodontic retreatment, and in particular, the retrieval of broken instruments:
 - Strong resistance to corrosion enables the tips to be used with sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl).
 - Better transmission and better control of the ultrasonic vibration, compared to the stainless steel tips.
 - Tips can be pre-bent and adjusted for the treatment of curved canals.
Ti-Nb is an exclusive, internationally patented alloy, whose crystal structure is particularly well-adapted to use with ultrasonics:
 - Remarkable transmission of ultrasonics
 - Very thin (“pin-type”) instruments, very high level of resistance
 - Perfect combination of flexibility, power and precision.

The “25” series of Ti-Nb tips are available in three dimensions to cover all types of situation.


The Newtron technology used in SATELEC® piezoelectric generators ensures that the tips work with unequalled efficiency, providing clinicians with the superior precision and reliability they require.
The tips can also be used with all the Supasson type generators.
Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa