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K files


K files are available in two lenghts, 21 and 25 mm, in blisters of 4 files.

Ultrasonic files: "Irrigation"

  • K10/21, K10/25 files: initial irrigation.
  • K15/21, K15/25 files: final irrigation.
  • K25/21, K25/25 files: final irrigation wide canals.
  • K30/21, K30/25 files: irrigation of wide or juvenile canals.

Clinical applications

The ultrasonic files are used with:
- a disinfecting solution or Salvizol EDTA® per-op, or 

- with sodium hypochlorite for decontamination and the final cleaning.

Caution! Ultrasonic files are cutting instruments; even the working end is active. Use them with caution to avoid ledges and false routes.

The canal is irrigated until the smear layer is completely removed. Great care should nevertheless be exercised when irrigating the canal.

In orthograde treatment, they act as “needle” tips. When activated “dry” (without spray), they allow the removal of filling material (gutta percha).

In retrograde treatment, preshaped, they enable delicate cleaning of narrow canals, with no risk of causing parietal damage.


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Ref files K10/25 : F43712
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