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Implant Protect : defeat periimplantitis !

World first ultrasonic tips in Pure Titanium specifically designed for the indepth cleaning of implants to treat peri-implantitis.

Peri-implantitis, the leading cause of implant morbidity
The intensification of implant therapy has led to a greater prevalence of peri-implant disease: around 150 000 implants are affected every year worldwide.
Peri-implantitis is a destructive inflammatory process affecting the soft and hard tissues around osseointegrated implants, leading to the formation of a peri-implant pocket with bone loss .

The exposed implant surfaces - abutment area, threads - are contaminated by bacterial biofilm and mineral deposits. A rough-surface implant has a higher risk of bacteria adhesion. Consequently, surfaces decontamination is essential to regain the epithelial-connective tissue attachment and avoid implant therapy failure.

ACTEON® presents ImplantProtect kit consisting of 5 ultrasonic tips which ensure a safe and complete debridement of implants during surgical and non-surgical treatment, and peri-implant maintenance.

Designed in commercially Pure Titanium (CPT), like most implants, the ImplantProtect tips clean the implant without surface deterioration. The use of Pure Titanium avoids the transfer of material on the implant (2) and reduces bacterial recontamination risk.

The 5 ImplantProtect tips are also shaped for perfect implant cleaning thanks to their range of point diameters. This makes it possible to reach the inner-most parts of narrowest threads. Their curvature facilitates access to and around the implant for total decontamination.
• The IP1 tip, with the widest extremity, is designed for implant abutment and wide-thread cleaning. 
• The IP2L and IP2R tips, left and right oriented, enable medium-thread cleaning.
• The IP3L and IP3R tips have a pointed extremity suited for narrow-thread cleaning.

The ImplantProtect kit is compatible with all ultrasonic handpieces and generators from ACTEON®, and is available with the reference F02120.