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Implant Protect kit

Treatment of peri-implantitis and maintenance.


The Implant Protect tips are the first tips in Pure Titanium designed for the in-depth cleaning of implants in the treatment of peri-implantitis.

The Implant Protect kit is delivered with the IP1, IP2L, IP2R, IP3L, IP3R tips, autoclavable metallic support and universal wrench. (Ref. F02120).

Ref: F02121

IP1 tip : "Implant abutments and wide threads"

  • Tip with the widest extremity, for implant abutments cleaning and debridement of wide threads.
  • During non surgical treatment, IP1 can be used on implants without mobility and pockets up to 5mm.
  • The open flap surgery is recommended on implants with bone loss beyond 2mm.

Ref: ​F02122

IP2L tip : "Medium threads"

  • Tip with similar shape to P2L, left oriented, for surgical and non surgical debridement of medium implant threads.
  • The IP2 tips can be applied on the implant with their curvature or extremity.
Ref: F02123

IP2R tip : "Medium threads"

  • Tip with similar shape to P2R, right oriented, for surgical and non surgical debridement of medium implant threads.
  • Thanks to the curvature of these tips and the tactile sense, all medium threads can be reached and treated, even without visibility.

IP3L tip: "Narrow threads"

Ref: F02124
  • Tip left oriented with pointed extremity suited for narrow implant threads treatment.
  • They are the only ultrasonic tips able to clean bottom threads, for a complete decontamination.
Ref: F02125

IP3R tip: "Narrow threads"

  • Tip right oriented with pointed extremity suited for narrow implant threads treatment.
  • The IP3 tips can be applied on the implant with their curvature or extremity.

Clinical applications

The Implant Protect tips allow to treat all kind of implants in case of peri-implantitis and to perform the maintenance after treatment.

They have a black ring to easily distinguish them from stainless steel tips with similar shape, but they have to be used in green mode (Max 5).

  1. Non surgical treatment of periimplantitis, with pockets < 5mm, without bone loss

- Debridement of implant neck and of the first visible threads .

  1. Surgical treatment of peri-implantitis, with pockets > 5mm and bone loss < 2mm

- Decontamination of all teeth with SATELEC perio tips.

- After flap surgery, debridement of implant threads with Implant Protect tips: one tip for each thread width.

  1. Maintenance of peri-implantitis

- Maintenance of hygiene at the implant neck, abutment and threads (if visible) with Implant Protect tips.

Prevention and treatment of mucositis can be performed with Periosoft tips by cleaning the prosthesis.

After mechanical debridement with Implant Protect tips, peri-implantitis treatment must be finished with the AIR-N-GO airpolisher and glycine powder.


The Implant Protect kit guarantees a reliable and complete implants debridement for the surgical and non surgical treatment of peri-implantitis.

Designed in Pure Titanium, like most implants in the market, Implant Protect tips preserve the implant surface. The mechanical action of Pure Titanium avoids the transfer of material on the implant and limits the alteration of the surface. Thus it prevents the risk of bacterial recontamination.

The extremities of different diameters enable the debridement bottom threads, whatever their width. Moreover, thanks to the curvature of the tips and the tactile sense restored, all threads can be reached and treated, even without visibility.

Implant Protect kit = the solution to fight against peri-implant disease.


Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive: Class IIa