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Loosening tip


Ref: F00249

No. 5AE tip: "Loosening with spray".

  • This tip has a spray orifice that makes it possible to cool the operating field and prevent heat from being transmitted to the prosthesis and the underlying tooth.

Clinical applications

The cylindrical, slight elbow shape was designed to transmit vibrations as efficiently as possible while, at the same time, offering a clear view of the operating field. This is why loosening tips are more effective in these situations than any other type of tip. The tips are applied against the lingual and buccal surfaces first, ending with the occlusal surface. The flat end of the tip is held firmly against the tooth.
The 5AE tip, in combination with endodontic retreatment tips, is also recommended for loosening root canal posts.

Ref: F88019

The ETPR: "Endo Treatment, Post Removal".

  • Tip for loosening root canal retention pins.
  • It is used to extract prosthetics with the integrated irrigation, at maximum power and in contact with the element to be loosened.