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Add peace of mind to your daily work with the NEWTRON® P5XS ultrasonic generator.

The technological and clinical innovations built into NEWTRON® P5XS will support you in gentle, effective treatments and sustainable use of your tips. The NEWTRON® P5XS is designed to facilitate your daily work while improving patient’s wellness.

A design studied to answer ergonomics and hygiene requirements


NEWTRON® P5XS provides esthetic pleasure as well as improves ergonomics.
  • Inclined front panel for better visibility offering effortless interaction and easier access to settings
  • Large power knob easy to operate even whilst wearing gloves
  • New graduated tank and lid
    •  no risk of overflow
    • visibility of volume used 
  • Irrigation setting easily accessible in front of the device
  • New handpiece holders
    • Customizable: can be installed on the side or in front of the device
    • Silicone cradles allow multiple rest positions and prevent falls
  •  Luminous power button: soothing lights to enhance the settings display

NEWTRON® P5XS is also answering hygiene needs by ensuring to the system an easy decontamination and a total watertightness.

  • Flat surface in glass
  • Detachable power and irrigation dials
  • Detachable and autoclavable silicone handpiece holders 


B.LED technology, a new vision for scaling

Simultaneously detecting and removing dental plaque is now possible thanks to the B.LED technology, exclusive ACTEON® SATELEC® innovation.

The F.L.A.G.™ for B.LED plaque revealer, applied directly on teeth with brushes or diluted in the tank of NEWTRON® P5XS, will become fluorescent under the blue light of the NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece.

  • Areas to be scaled are clearly identified
  • Scaling procedure is guided and optimised
  • The blue and white light of the handpiece protects visual comfort thanks to a perfect balance between the lighting of the working zone and the fluorescence of the plaque discloser.

Get peace of mind with the Bluetooth remote control

Ask for the Bluetooth option on your NEWTRON® P5XS and remotely configure your machine from your smartphone or tablet.

  1. Download the JPEGNEWTRON P5XS app and activate Bluetooth on your smart phone or tablet
  2. Remove the power button of NEWTRON5® P5XS to take control of the machine and put your tip on your handpiece
  3. Click on the color ring of your insert and on the clinical drawings to choose the right treatment, and then select the tip chosen
  4. Power and irrigation recommended by SATELEC® are automatically set-up, you can start treatment!

Take control with the P5XS app and just let yourself be guided

  • You or your assistant can change the adjustments
  • Modify power and irrigation settings and activate the purge
  • Get the guarantee of optimal, sustainable use of your tips
  • Preserve your patient’s comfort with a gentle, pain-free treatment.


Download the P5XS application for your Apple (smartphone or tablet) or Android device.

NEWTRON® P5XS with NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece : F62100

NEWTRON® P5XS Bluetooth with NEWTRON® SLIM B.LED handpiece : F62150