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Perfect Margin® Rounded Kit

Ref. F00738


Intra-sulcular finishing of the prosthetic limits.
Delivered with PM1, PM2, PM3, PM4 tips, an autoclavable metal support and an autoclavable universal wrench,

Ref: F02250

PM1 tip: Preparation – quarter round shape

  • Instrument with rounded end, 76µm diamond-coating.
  • First instrument in the ultrasonic sequence, after the rotary phase.
  • Laser marking at 1mm from the end.
  • Penetration of the sulcus to continue preparation of the dentin, and thus to prepare the finish line.
Ref: F02251

PM2 tip: Finishing – quarter round shape 

  • Instrument with rounded end, 46µm diamond-coating.
  • Second instrument in the ultrasonic sequence.
  • Laser marking at 1mm from the end.
  • The diamond coating is less dense than the PM 1, enabling a sharp-edged finish.
  • On the lowest ultrasonic power setting, it is used for polishing dentine.
Ref: F02252

PM3 tip: Polishing – quarter round shape 

  • This totally smooth instrument completes the finishing sequence by improving the surface condition of the cervical limit prior to impression taking.
  • Laser marking at 1mm from the end.
Ref: F02253

PM4 tip: Corono-radicular preparation – conical shape 

  • The conical taper and 46µm diamond coating are ideally suited to corono-radicular preparation before inlay fitting, as well as for smoothing the entry cones of anatomical posts.

Clinical applications

This complete kit of ultrasonic tips allows perfect positioning of the intra-sulcular finishing lines. The Perfect Margin Rounded kit of four mini-tips is specially designed to prepare dentinal tissue quickly and safely in areas too delicate to use a diamond bur. The instrument features a rounded end.

This instrument kit, was developed with the scientific collaboration of: 

  • Dr Marc Sous – former University Lecturer, Victor Segalen University, Bordeaux (France);
  • Dr Jean-François Lasserre – Assistant Professor, Victor Segalen University, Bordeaux (France);
  • Mr Yann Le Peticorps - Professor, University Bordeaux 1 - ICMCB/CNRS (France),

The surfaces of the Perfect’Margin tips have been specially designed for each sequence of the procedure, so that the dentinal tissue can be quickly and safely prepared in areas where it would be delicate to use a diamond bur. Their fine, profiled shape enables delicate penetration of the sulcus to finish the sub-gingival limits without harming the free gum margin and the biological width. The results obtained enable a better quality of impression-taking and an extremely precise cervical adjustment of the prosthetic restoration.


With three quarter-rounded tips and one conical shaped tip (and different surfaces – diamond- coated in two grit sizes or smooth), there is a Perfect Margin tip for each sequence of the procedure.

Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa