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Perfect Margin® Shoulder Kit

Ref. F00736


Intra-sulcular finishing of the prosthetic limits.
Delivered with PMS1,PMS2, PMS3 tips, and an autoclavable metal support.

Ref: F02254

PMS 1 tip: Preparation – shoulder shape with rounded internal angle 

  • 76µm diamond-coating. First instrument in the ultrasonic sequence, after the rotary phase.
  • Laser marking at 1mm from the end. P
  • enetration of the sulcus to continue preparation of the dentin, correct the “lip” and thus to prepare the finish line in a shoulder shape.
Ref: F02255

PMS2 tip: Finishing – shoulder shape with rounded internal angle 

  • 46µm diamond-coating. Second instrument in the ultrasonic sequence.
  • With its diamond coating that is less dense than on the PMS 1 and its laser marking at 1mm from the end, this instrument makes it possible to achieve a shoulder shape finish without harming the attachment system.
  • On the lowest ultrasonic power setting, it is used for polishing dentine.
Ref: F02256

PMS3 tip: Polishing – shoulder shape with rounded internal angle

  • This totally smooth instrument completes the finishing sequence by improving the surface condition of the cervical limit prior to impression taking. 
  • Laser marking at 1mm from the end.
Ref: F02253

PM4 tip: Corono-radicular preparation – conical shape

  • The conical taper and 46µm diamond coating are ideally suited to corono-radicular preparation before inlay fitting, as well as for smoothing the entry cones of anatomical posts.

Clinical applications

This new instrumentation, thanks to the low amplitude of the ultrasonic vibration, causes no bleeding and respects both the marginal gingiva and the biological width during pre-prosthetics finishing.
The laser marking 1 mm from the working end of PMS1, PMS2 and PMS3 tips helps to visualise and control the sulcular penetration and protect the attachment.
The safety and precision of the procedure are guaranteed.
The shoulder shape of the instruments enables not only a better preparation of the cervical margin “lip”, but also a finer finish inside the sulcus.
The end of the tips has a rounded internal angle.

Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa