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Power and irrigation settings

SATELEC® developed and patented the first ever system of identification and selection of ultrasonic instruments according to their ideal power range.

1. Color Coding™ System: Guaranteed Safety and Efficiency to set power

From the time they start to design the prototypes, our engineers can predetermine the optimum power ranges of the instruments. The power settings are then refined and specified by clinical consultants in international working groups.
Just as burs used on the rotary instruments are coded to show their fixing method, the diameter of their working part and their length, our tips are also color coded.

Color Coding System (CCS tips)

Since 2004, Satelec instruments are color coded to show their recommended power range. The same color coding is displayed on all devices: 

  • Low power and amplitude: green.
  • Medium power and amplitude: yellow.
  • High power and amplitude: blue.
  • Very high power and maximum amplitude: orange. 

The color marking resists cleaning in the ultrasound bath, ultrasonic vibrations, decontamination agents and sterilization, to a much higher degree than any other system available at present. The markings have no effect on the performance of the CCS tips and the color coding is still visible when the tip is mounted on the handpiece.
Finally, the CCS system is completed with the wrenches (regular and dynamometric) that correspond to the tips by group or color code.


  • The color coding identifies the power that gives the best safety/performance ratio (no instrument breakages /amplitude and resistance to the ideal load).
  • Immediate identification of the recommended power range on the ultrasonic generator display and on the instrument, available throughout the time of use.
  • The individual wrenches and storage kits guard against the risk of cross contamination to the user and auxiliary staff.
  • The coding resists decontamination and sterilization.

2. How to set irrigation?

A relevant irrigation flow is achieved when there is always water on the tip extremity.

  1. Turn power setting to 3.
  2. Put the point tip upward.
  3. Progressively adjust the irrigation in order to have drip water until tip extremity.
  4. Turn back your tip and set power as desired.
  5. Begin treatment : you are sure that your irrigation is accurate for a perfect clinic.