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Supra-gingival scaling

Supragingival and interproximal scaling is the first-line treatment for prophylaxis. The aim is to remove dental plaque not eliminated by brushing and tartar deposits.

Ref: F00246

No. 1 tip: "Universal". 

  • Recommended for treating simple cases and gross supra-gingival scaling.
  • Orientation tangential to the tooth’s surface.
  • To-and-fro sweeping motion in order to "push" and "pull" calculus without damaging the enamel.
Ref: F00359JPEG

No. 10X tip: "Interproximal". 

  • Recommended for the treatment of interproximal spaces and for supra-gingival scaling. Anatomic shape allows quick, efficient hand movements.


Ref: F00247

No. 2 tip: "Voluminous calculus".

  • Recommended for removing voluminous supra-gingival deposits
  • Apply flat end to the tooth’s surface.

Ref: F00248

No. 3 tip: "Stains".

  • For removing discolorations and stains (tobacco, tea, coffee, etc.).
  • The tip is used by placing the rounded end in contact with the surface to be treated.

Clinical applications

The four supra-gingival scaling tips are ideal for the current cases in daily practice (pocket <3-4mm).

Tips have to be oriented tangentially to the treated surface. Apply on the entire surface a to-and-fro sweeping motion to "push" and "pull" calculus without damaging the enamel. It is essential NOT to use excessive side pressure.


Scaling kit delivered with an autoclavable plastic box, n.1, n.2, n.10X, n.10Z tips and three blue and one green autoclavable dynamometric wrenches (Ref. F00934).

Different kit configurations available according to countries.
Classification of these tips according to 93/42/EEC Directive : Class IIa