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The fluorescent effect in prophylaxis

Unique fluorescence protocol

ACTEON® is the only company to provide a complete and patented solution assisted by fluorescence for unique prophylaxis care of the patient.

Follow the Fluorescence protocol through a reliable diagnosis of hygiene pathologies, a guided and shortened treatment and an improved patient motivation and implication. Fluorescence brings a new vision to your daily practice.

A true advantage for practitioner and patient

Diagnosis and communicationGuided treatment in real timeFinishing by polishing
SOPROCARE in Perio modeWith F.L.A.G. for B.LEDJPEGAIR-N-GO Supra
- Accurate detection of plaque, gingivitis and caries
- Easy communication and motivation of the patient
- Quick follow-up of the patient with photos/videos comparison
- Visual comfort
- More efficient and qualitative treatment
- Oral hygiene education
- Complete removal of bacterial plaque and stains
- Atraumatic and minimally invasive treatment
- Enhances aesthetic appearance

Clinical cases